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AI-centric Hospitality Solutions 

Next Generation AI-Native Technology stack with App Builder, RPA and
ChatGPT built-in to revolutionize Hospitality and drive Guest Engagement
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AI Colour Generation

Use AI to extract colours from your images, and publish these for Guests to personalise


About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, we have regional offices and deployments throughout Asia-Pacific and MEA, and offer the widest array of hospitality technology solutions than any other comparable vendor ..... now with AI-built in
One Stop Shop

Our platform converges previously distinct systems into one singular inter-connected experience. This way a single CMS Console can manage Multiple Applications on Multiple Build Types

Moreover, every single integration including PMS is shared across all systems to streamline processes


We have implemented and undergone certifications to ensure our systems and processes comply with industry best practices.

Additionally, we conduct periodic internal penetration testing to manage and secure vulnerabilities

Flexible & Modular

Modular and scalable systems means you only pay for functions and features that you need. 


Furthermore, our business models are flexible – full CapEX, hybrid models and full OpEX

Who are we


STB Approved

Our Digital Check-In service is accredited by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for Singapore’s E-Visitor Authentication System (EVA).

The STB aims to promote digital transformation of Singapore’s hospitality industry.


To this end, it launched the EVA-Ready certification to match hotels with tech vendors with proven solutions that can integrate with EVA.

The EVA system is designed to automate Guest validation process with the local Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and as part of the certification, vendors are required to provide modules that perform travel document processing and identity verification services

Powered By Innovation

Our Enterprise Solutions are built atop and powered by the world's leading Companies
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Connected to Your Business

Unify our services with third party products and solutions to maximize productivity and automation.

Or use our Custom API function to fast-track deployment of a new Integration to turbocharge productivity to the next level!

It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking for innovative AI-centric solutions for your business? Contact us to find a solution that’s right for you

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