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Generative AI-powered Backend

Our New Cloud Native Backend enables you to take charge, be the Developer and use AI-powered Codeless tools to revolutionize Guest experience and Staff productivity

Palvision App Generator
Palvision solution generates multiple apps concurrently
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extend your reach with multiple outputs, for less

Build Once, Publish Everywhere


A single codebase, generated once, builds across web, mobile, tablet, desktop and TVs. No more building the same type of system or module multiple times!


This drastically reduces cost, extends your reach and improves maintainability.


What's more? This lowers PMS interface costs and other third party integrations in multi-vendor scenarios

turbocharge workflows with ChatGPT4

Optimize your workflows and generate data effortlessly with ChatGPT4, a Generative AI schema from OpenAI that's built directly into our CMS Dashboard.


Our ChatGPT4 feature includes tools such as

  • Text generation

  • Code extraction

  • Real-time translation

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Keyword extraction

  • Text summarization

and more!

Palvision ChatGPT-integrated Backend
CMS l Integration Marketplace.JPG

elevate your projects with the integration marketplace

Maximize the potential of your projects with our Integration Marketplace.


Choose from a variety of third-party Integrations and services to enhance your Project, including direct third-party Integrations (e.g., PMS, Door Lock, Payment Gateway), front-end sample Templates, and Collection Data samples.


Adding any Integration automatically generates data, making it easy to get started and stay ahead of the competition. 

scale your projects infinitely 

Take advantage of our Multi-Tenancy Architecture and scale your projects infinitely with a unified cloud-native backend.


With this, you can:

  • create multiple projects

  • create new, copy, or share databases between projects

  • add unlimited Integrations and Templates for each project

  • create multiple Build Types, including Mobile, Web, Tablet, Desktop, and TV

Palvision Multi-Tenant Backend Platform
add integration channel.png

streamline integration updates with microservices

Keep your projects up-to-date with minimal disruption. Our Integration Microservices make updating new versions painless, with minimal downtime throughout your project's lifecycle.


All Integrations, Libraries, Plugins, and Services exist as Microservices, so we can replace outdated services in a containerized environment with ease.


By using Microservices, we eliminate the need to bake services into every project backend, allowing us to update multiple Project Clients concurrently with the latest version.

API integration, with ease

Want an Integration urgently? No problem! Our Custom API tool capabilities allow you to quickly integrate any API, with sensitive tokens secured behind a Cloud Function with just one click.

You can add new and custom APIs directly to our CMS Dashboard, making them available in the Workflow Automation section for you to select as an Action as well to our Front End Systems to ingest 


We can also add APIs for you at no cost - just pass us the link or document, or ask the vendor to be in touch.

PalVision Custom API.JPG
Palvision Robotic Process Automation Built-In

streamline workflows with codeless automation

Maximize your productivity with our Codeless Workflow Automation feature.


You don't need developers to create and manage your workflows.


With just a few keyboard taps and drop-down menus, you can create your own runtime "live" workflows by selecting your own Trigger events from any of your Data Tables and adding as many actions as you want!


Our Codeless Workflow Automation allows you to create, update, and delete data based on events and send real-time emails, alerts, and more.

Know when and by whom a Codeless Workflow was created as a draft, published and stopped 

visualise data with codeless chart generation

Say goodbye to pre-populated charts and reports and create your own with our Data Visualization feature.


Our feature allows you to create your own analytics, including info boxes, pie charts, line charts, and bar graphs, with no complicated value inputs.


Instead, you can use dropdown menus, and our algorithms will create and display the right chart with the right data all the time!

Palvision AI Chart Generation
PalVision Create Collection and Properties.gif

customize your data with self-created tables

Take control of your data management with our Self-Created Tables feature, offering extreme flexibility to create guest lists, screen data, knowledge bases, report tables, and more.


With this feature, you can add as many tables and property columns as you want, or bulk import from our samples.

Create time-based rules to auto-delete data after a duration. Hide sensitive data columns. Create Access Control Lists to provide fine-grained access to every table and even column! 


Download your data at any time, wholly or partly, with simple column and row filters or use Codeless Automation to transfer your data to third parties via API!

unlimited reporting

Forget about pre-populated reports that you are so used to. Instead, use our codeless tools to generate as many reports as you wish from your OWN existing data!

Generate a new report using Column Filters. Or Record filter. 

Or otherwise use our built-in RPA tool to create new tables from existing ones! 

PalVision l DIY Reporting.gif
PalVision l Codeless Guest data insertion.gif

create smart values 

With our Magic Text tool, you can create your own Smart Values codelessly, such as {{Guest First Name}}, to replace generic entries like "Dear Guest" with actual data during runtime automatically


Unlike other systems, our Smart Values feature allows you to turn ANY variable data from any Collection into Smart Values, not just values from a single User collection.

screens builder

Intended for development agencies, ours is the world’s first App generation service that can create Web Apps, Native Mobile Apps and Apple / Android TV apps codelessly

Unlike conventional web builders which churn out hybrid apps, our solution generates native code that is able to incorporate ANY third party SDK

Moreover, there is no requirement to utilize third party backends. A feature rich-backend is built in! 

PalVision Screens Builder.gif

It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to implement AI-centric solutions to drive innovation across all your operational touchpoints? Contact us to get started

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