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Hospitality  Signage, Made Simple

A signage solution designed to run seamlessly in hospitality without local servers, takes 30 minutes to setup and handles all uses - from simple promotions and directional wayfinders to conference and event displays

Palvision Floor Standing Digital Signage
Palvision Touch Screen Wayfinder

multi platform signage solution on the cloud 

Enjoy the benefits of cloud implementation with no local servers required and without recurring monthly fees. Set up the solution in a day without hassle and manage tens to thousands of devices from 1 central cloud dashboard

Implement on multiple platforms including 

  • any brand and model of Android TV / Gen 4 Chromecasts

  • Samsung & LG Professional Televisions

  • Android or iPad tablets

  • Custom Floor standing & Wall-Mounted Displays

publish multi-format content 

Depict the right content on the right screens with ease


The solution supports: 

  • Simple Images or multi-image Slideshows with configurable display time

  • Looping, rotating Videos or Video Playlists 

  • Multi-format TV channels (UDP, HLS, DASH with or without DRM) ​

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CMS l Signage Content Selection.JPG
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CMS l Signage Orientation Selection.JPG

dynamic, fully responsive displays in any orientation

The solution is fully responsive and operates on devices large and small, from tablets to large video walls


Moreover, Administrators have the flexibility to toggle between landscape and portrait orientations and even achieve 360 degree rotation directly from the CMS Dashboard!

full cloud control and support with ScreenView  

Our solution saves you the trouble of manually adjusting devices with remote controls to navigate and change settings. 


You can configure and test devices remotely, identify issues and take action from the Cloud!

CMS l Signage Cloud Screenview.JPG
CMS l Signage Device Volume Selection.JPG

manage device volume from the Cloud 

For Signage Screens with Looping Videos or TV channels, you can adjust the Volume from the Cloud. This is not done globally but per device! 


From the Signage Devices List, simply pick a Signage Device from the list then select the preferred Volume from the dropdown list. It's that simple!

public area promotional displays

Implement content rich promotional displays with highly configurable banners and cards 

  • Promotional Banners with adjustable columns 

  • Video or TV Channel Blocks with adjustable sizing

  • Various Cards: Simple Promotions, QR Code Info, Weather Data, Gallery Slideshows 

  • Optional App Bar, Footer info or Scrolling Ads

.... or all at once!

Palvision Configurable Smart TV Digital Signage
CMS l Signage Scrolling Ad Filtering.JPG
Signage Configurable Scrolling Text 2.JPG

publish scrolling text

Adjust Scrolling Text Message fill and border colours, speed and configure the time period between one Scrolling Text to the next. 


Apply filters to display Scrolling Text Messages based on the Device, Day and even Message Type to ensure you run the correct Scrolling information on the right Signage displays!

publish events & conferences

Publish events, meetings and conferences with complete control:

  • select between List or Table View

  • select the maximum number of events to display at a single time 

  • select display during periods of No Events such as Promotions, Weather Data and more

  • select background media, promotion banners, scrolling text as well as App Bar and Footer info

Signage Events Listing Screen.gif
signage main.png

It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to transform your public spaces? Contact us to get started

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