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Exit Customisation, Enter Personalisation

Implement with ease a whole host of complimentary functions to exceed expectations and resolve the often-asked query: “Can we customise”?

Smart TV Custom Themes
Palvision Mobile Custom Themes

allow Guests to select their own themes

Allow your Guests to set their own preferred colour palettes across all devices - web, mobile, tablet, desktop, TVs! 


Clicking a button transforms the entire Guest experience, magically!


Create Custom Themes based on Room Types, Different Views, your public areas, of popular attractions in your City or even your sister destinations (see below)

multiple types of rich media on every single screen 

Set a still image to serve as a full or partial screen background. Or select a carousel slider with configurable Auto-Play Intervals.


Or set a Video or LiveStream (TV channel) for virtually every single Screen across all devices (web, mobile, tablet, desktop, TVs)

Palvision Carousel Slides Built-In
Palvision App Generator Pan Zoom Built-In

bring still images to life, with ease

Want to enhance the effect of a still image? Just flick a switch and watch your images come alive, with auto Pan & Zoom effects built in


Or drop in 2 or more images to display Gallery image slideshows, Promotions or just a collection of images with a touch of flair. Select from full width sliders to Apple-styled Carousels!

add videos and livestreams, even on mobile 

Every BuildType automatically supports livestreams (TV Channels) and non-linear video, including full screen Portrait Videos on Mobile devices. Just drop in a video or a link. Its that simple!


The best part, our solution auto-detects if a video or livestream is published and will automatically replace an existing image or slider seamlessly!

Palvision App Generator Video Player Built-In
Palvision Light and Dark Themes Support Built-In

manage brand standards 

Click-to-Create Light and Dark theme colours for application backgrounds, containers and even button states (focused, unfocused, hover etc)

generate custom themes with our AI colour generator

Upload images of various parts of your property, rooms, city and even sister destinations and our AI-based tool automatically generates colour palettes for Custom Themes that Guests can now use!

Palvision AI Colour Generator Built-In
Palvision Typography Generator for every Build Type

maintain consistency throughout your system

Keep consistency throughout your application builds by utilizing proper theming

Typography, including font weights, can be kept consistent for whichever BuildTypes deployed

Each BuildType - from web apps to Smart TV apps and everything in between - can have different styling

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It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to personalise the experience for your Guests? Contact us to get started

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