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AI Trip Planner

Introducing the world’s most realistic Trip Planner that uses AI to provide your Guests with a highly personalised itinerary comprising external Places of Interests as well as In-House and localized recommendations

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a realistic travel itinerary planner 

Generic Trip Planners populate information of external Places of Visit, something that Travellers with a personal ChatGPT can perform anyway. 


TripzAI sits atop ChatGPT to filter the results and interject intelligently a bouquet of In-House and Nearby interests to provide a much more realistic and meaningful Personal Itinerary 

Using nothing more than your existing generic descriptions of InHouse Activities, TripzAI generates specific responses for every traveller profile!

personalised itinerary to promote direct channel bookings 

With TripzAI, your guests get to experience a truly personalized journey - TripzAI automatically curates unique suggestions tailored to each guest, painting a vibrant picture of what their stay could be like at your Property.

From a list of exciting activities to kickstart their morning right through to fun-filled evening ventures, every recommendation is crafted in a personal way, and in turn, foster more direct bookings at your Property.

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publish to any device, on any platform 

Publish TripzAI to all platforms (Web, Mobile, Desktop, TV) on Pre & Post arrival systems including: 

  • Website 

  • Mobile App

  • Pre Check-In  

  • Post Arrival Web app

  • Staff-use Mobile app 

  • Smart TVs, Chromecasts  

  • Live Chat & Chatbot 

  • Digital Signage & Wayfinders 

embellished with useful information 

TripzAI embellishes its responses with all the other components that a Traveller truly needs to form a complete picture including: 

  • Website Links

  • Images 

  • Social Media Links

  • Maps & other useful information 

TripzAI Social Media Links.gif
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no personal data requested or transferred 

Travellers are never asked for personal particulars such as name, contacts and email addresses. 


TripzAI simply requires simple parameters such as Location, Interest and Budget. That’s all! 

compute entitlement or upsell breakfast

With PMS Integration, TripzAI can automatically determine if a Guest has a breakfast entitlement from the reservation


For Guests without Breakfast Entitlement, TripzAI can intelligently promote Breakfast Package Upsell or Room Service Dining in lieu of Breakfast Package, all in a language specifically tailored to this particular Guest!

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It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to implement an AI-derived Travel Itinerary Planner? Contact us to get started

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