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Drive Guest Engagement

Streamline Operations and eliminate unnecessary contact points throughout the entire guest journey while retaining a highly personalised guest experience

Palvision Smart TV Access Level Rights
Palvision Conditional Access module

grant tiered access based on the type of audience   

Ensure the right Users gain access to Concierge modules, and at the right time. Provide access to or enable Visitors to walk-through and in what manner. 

Need to hide selected modules altogether, even to Registered Guests for a selected time period? Now you can!

  • Enable Conditional Access to Visitors with customisable dialogs

  • Enable Conditional Access to PreChecked-In Guests who have not arrived yet with customisable dialogs

  • Enable Limited Visibility for selected modules to be displayed only at adjustable time intervals (for example hide CheckOut module till the CheckOut becomes available)

paperless menus for the convenience of your Guests

From room fittings amenities and to Room Safe instructions and Mini bar info, you can add all of that and more, while keeping it always up-to-date and going green in the process

  • Remove Paper Collaterals with Digital Compendium

  • Auto-generate a sample Digital Compendium (and then simply Edit)

  • Add specific Comments for Staff’s Knowledge Base

  • Add Suggestion Chips for routing to other sections (and to serve as Chatbot Quick Replies)

Palvision Smart TV Hotel Directory
Palvision Hotel facilities module
Palvision Hotel Workflow Management module
Palvision Hotel Task manager module

service and amenity requests, digitally

Provide Guests with the option to request for services without making a phone call.

Connect requests to third party services or use our complimentary Task Manager app for Staff

  • Auto-generated for multiple platforms (and simply Edit)!

  • Implement Blocked Dates / Times, Out-of-Stock items easily

  • Auto-set Time Picker Default Values to manage Guest expectations

  • Implement a Feedback Snippet for every successful request

  • Manage Cancellation Requests within adjustable timeframes

  • Implement a Feedback Snippet for every successful request

generate indoor maps once, deploy everywhere

Provide an intuitive navigation system to help Guests find your facilities such as Dining, Pool, Spa and other Activity Points of Interest with Zoom In, Zoom Out and Rotate, as a complimentary add-on.

Unlike other solutions, this does NOT rely on Google / Apple Maps and does NOT require your Property to be sprawled out on a single ground level!

Whats more? Click-to-Plot x,y coordinates ONLY ONCE and your Points of Interests appear perfectly on the Web, Native Apps, Tablets, Signages and Smart TVs (despite the different resolutions of devices)!

  • Auto-generate a demo Points of Interest dataset

  • Upload Floor Plan images, and Points of Interest 

  • Click on the point in a Floor Plan image where you want a new Points of Interest to be. Is that simple!

  • Add Captions and Buttons with Routing

Palvision Smart TV and Signage Wayfinder
Palvision Hotel Multi-Screen Indoor Map system
Palvision Hotel Indoor Map Generator
room service.gif

room service ordering, just like delivery apps   

Give your guests the option to order room service without having to make a phone call. It's like regular delivery app your guests are now so accustomed to!

  • Auto-generated for multiple platforms (and simply Edit)!

  • Implement Blocked Dates / Times, Out-of-Stock items easily

  • Auto-set Time Picker Default Values to manage Guest expectations

  • Implement Variations (Choice Of, Sides, Extras, etc) and set these to Mandatory or Optional

  • Manage Cart Abandonment with custom messages

  • Manage Cancellation Requests within adjustable timeframes

  • Implement a Feedback Snippet for every successful order

get feedback before your guests leave

Get immediate feedback and take action before Guests leave


Or consolidate and pool survey scores to gain insight to improve your service standards

  • Generate a sample Survey Questionnaire with One Click for all platforms (and then simply Edit)

  • Group or Classify questions into Topics to get a global perspective

  • Customise a Thank You dialog after survey submission

  • Use Workflow Automation to deliver Survey Score Reports to relevant stakeholders

  • Use our complimentary Task Manager App to communicate with Guests

Palvision Smart TV Concierge Guest Servey function
Palvision Digital Concierge Guest Survey function
Palvision Smart TV Concierge Guest Feedback function
Palvision Digital Concierge Guest Feedback function

feedback snippets, at every touchpoint

Get feedback at every touchpoint – from room service ordering, to Upsells and Bookings and generate report on their digital experience instantly.


But don’t bore them with the same feedback requests - craft a different feedback snippet for every service 

User event-based rather than time-based triggers to minimise user frustration

  • Auto-generated for most Service, Booking, Reservation modules (all you have to do is simply Edit)

  • Implement a different feedback snippet for every type of service

  • Include Comments field to furnish responses with replies

  • Use Workflow Automation to send Reports to relevant stakeholders

convert any service to a booking or reservation

Allow guests to access your full range of services and activities to book them from all platforms.

This not only provides Guests’ a convenience means to book services, but also avoids frequent calls to Operators   

Depending on our PMS interface, we can auto-fill Adult and Child Counts based on the booking!

  • Add parameters such as Venue, Adult / Child Counts, Comments fields and more

  • Bookable Time Periods: Set how far in advance or how close to the activity time a booking or reservation can be made

  • Pax Quota: Set Min, Max and Default values for Adult and Child Counts  

  • Booking Limits: Set the max number of Digital Reservations / Bookings hourly

  • Implement Block Out Time Slots to minimise overcrowding

Palvision Smart TV Concierge Restaurant Table Reservation
Palvision Mobile Concierge Restaurant Table Reservation
Palvision Hotel Smart TV Breakfast Reservation
Palvision Hotel Breakfast booking

resolve overcrowding at the breakfast outlet

Dealing with long queues at the breakfast outlet? Implement a Breakfast Table Booking system to ease congestion


The service ensures ONLY Guests with Breakfast Packages will have an opportunity to book a table 

  • Intelligently filters Guests with Breakfast Packages

  • Auto-fetch Breakfast Packages (Pax Quantity) from the PMS which is UNEDITABLE

  • Intelligently display future Dates & Times for selection

  • Intelligently assign Guests to their assigned Outlet during the stay period (in multi-outlet scenarios)

  • Block Out Time Slots to minimise overcrowding

Looking for a means to automate Breakfast Attendance and/or Assign correct Outlets to Guests without paper in multi-Outlet scenarios as well?

turn guests into green ambassadors

You have, and will continue to, implement sustainability efforts. Now allow your Guests to join you on this journey towards a greener future. 

  • Implement configurable Service Opt-Ins 

  • Implement controls with dialogs for Opting Outs

  • Include configurable Recommendations List

Smart TV GoGreen module.jpg
Palvision Hotel Service Opt-Out module
Palvision Hotel Newsletter Subscription template generator

newsletter sign up

Turn One-Time Guests to Long-Term Subscribers. Easily publish Newsletter SignUp Dialogs on Digital Concierge applications  

  • One Click Tap to generate a sample Newsletters Request Dialog

  • Auto-fetch and fill Guest email address to reduce inconvenience

  • Avoid repeated dialogs with action buttons to gain insight if a Guest is an existing subscriber

advertise currency conversions

Offering an In-House Currency Exchange? Advertise easily on all screens with base currency and other currencies on offer including current values  


  • Auto-generated on Multiple Platforms (all you have to do is simply Edit)

  • Input your Base Currency and the Daily Base Rate

  • Add and Edit Currencies on Offer with ease

Palvision Hotel Smart TV Exchange Rates generator
Palvision Hotel Exchange Rate generator
PalVision Smart TVCheckOut.gif
Palvision Hotel Digital Checkout

digital check out 

Implement a paperless and cashless Digital Check Out for the convenience of your Guests


Offered as part of Mobile and TV Digital Concierge, Mobile Check In or even standalone

Find out more

enhance the guest experience with Activities Timetable

Provide your guests with a comprehensive activities timetable to make it easy for guests to plan their itinerary (and for you to generate additional revenue)

Our module goes further to capture interest and encourage participation:

  • Choose from Images with Zoom effects, Carousels or Videos

  • Automated personalization to display activities based on Current Date 

  • Implement Activity Cut-Off Times based on Check Out info

  • Display Visitor Access labels as well 

Smart TV Activities Timetable.jpg
Palvision Hotel Activities Timetable generator
Smart TV Stay Extensions.jpg
Register Stay Extensions.gif

book or register future stays and extensions

Make it convenient for Guests to book stays and extensions from your website 


Alternatively, allow them to register any stay extension booked from third party site. Should the room type codes match, enable Guests to remain in the same rooms without Room Moves!

make it easy to redeem complimentary parking 

Deployable just after Digital Check-In or Digital Concierge or both, make it easy for Guests to redeem complimentary parking digitally 


The solution is designed to generate QR Codes or various Barcodes OnDevice or fetch the same from third party systems for Guests to scan on exit, or otherwise to pass to gantry or LNPR Systems an In-House Guest's Licence Plate Numbers or other vehicle identifiers. Eliminate paper vouchers and pen & paper reporting!

Digital Parking Redemptions.gif
Palvision Hotel Nearby Places module
Palvision Google Maps integration

explore nearby places

Reduce the effort of your staff in repeating Nearby Place recommendations.


Offer your Guests  paperless access to nearby essentials and share local attractions conveniently. Depending on the platform, our system will either offer a URL redirect or generate QR Codes to Google Maps!

  • Auto-generated on multiple platforms when Explore Collection is added to your Project (simply Edit)

  • Easily add nearby dining, shopping, attractions and activity locations

  • Include nearby essentials such as convenience stores, banks, ATMs and other essentials

  • Update and Manage New Places with Ease

stay in touch on social media 

Allow your Guests to remain connected Post Stay in a couple of quick steps. This service is auto-generated on multiple platforms by adding Hospitality Pack Collection to your Project, including icons. Just drop in your URLs.


Depending on the platform, our system automatically either displays a URL for redirection or generate QR Codes!

Palvision Hotel Smart TV Social Media redirect
Palvision Hotel Property Info module
Palvision connects Mobile services to TV

connect to entertainment functions with ease

Enable Guests to conveniently connect to the In-Room TVs for Cast, AirPlay and OTT Apps directly from the Digital Concierge applications (Web, Mobile, Tablets)


Our converged offerings minimise the need for Guests to hop onto different systems


  • Cast: Guests conveniently pair their devices to Cast-enabled TVs

  • AirPlay: iPhone users pair to perform AirPlay Mirroring to selected TVs

  • OTT Apps: Guests can easily Scan-to-Login to various OTT Apps for selected TVs

Find out more about our Guest Entertainment solutions

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