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Room Cast for Hospitality

Transform the in-room experience by giving your Guests the freedom to stream their preferred content to the big screen via Cast & AirPlay

PalVision RoomCast Easy Scan QR Code

simple cast pairing process for guests 

A simple QR Code scan establishes a secure connection between a Guest device and an In-Room TV, all the way till Check Out 

Guests do not swap to a separate WIFI SSID, download apps or re-establish connections during their stay 


effortless setup with limited infrastructure investment

The solution leverages Guest devices, their subscriptions Apps and hardware that you already have:

  • existing WIFI network

  • In-Room TVs

Bundled add-ons are limited to:

  • Chromecasts (or TVs with Cast Built-In)

  • RoomCast appliance (or a Virtual Machine) and possibly a single network switch 

If your environments lacks requisite WIFI Access Points in all Rooms or if you prefer alternative means of connection, we have solutions for you :)


supports AirPlay 

RoomCast supports Airplay implementations without modification for TVs that come bundled with Airplay, notably most Sony TV models

Using TVs or Chromecast without AirPlay support?

Install our AirPlay receiver app service, Guests can

  • Mirror their Apple device screens

  • Stream Apple Music

  • View their Photo Gallery / Documents

  • Stream Video Calls, Play Games

  • Mirror their browsers 


digital concierge add-ons

Using the latest gen Android TVs or Chromecast with Google TV? Complement these platforms with the world's most cost-effective yet feature-rich Digital Concierge service on your TV devices

Palvision RemoteView function for Smart TVs and Chromecasts
TVOttApps optimised.jpg

add-on services and tools

Using the latest gen Android TVs with Cast Built-In or Chromecast with Google TV?


Complement the Cast service by enabling Direct Access to Apps, manage these over the Cloud and establish remote connection for support seamlessly!

wirelessStreamingSolution optimised.jpg

It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to leverage Guests’ devices to provide content streaming? Contact us to get started

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