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Hotel Door Lock

Hospitality NFC Solutions

Our cutting-edge range of Hotel NFC solutions are designed to streamline operations for Operators and Guests alike relating to access control and verification processes


NFC made easy: simple, virtualised, onDevice

JusTapz NFC is a simple, convenient Keycard Generation & Verification solution designed to streamline Hotel operations and remove requirements of laptops as well as non-depictive & inflexible hardware 


Setup processes are designed to be much simpler, capable of being handled by nonCoders compared to multi-step setup wizards associated with hardware encoders


Moreover, JusTapz  automatically handles errors relating to NFC keys, such as keycards deployed with different auth methods or encoded to wrong custom tracks. 


Staff can also generate keys and immediately verify with a simple one-step procedure rather than perform time-consuming multi-screen navigation on legacy systems 


Deploy JusTapz in existing scenarios or apply to new with integrations to magnetic locks and more

verification during self-service check out 

Use this as an extra layer of security on Digital CheckOut with an integrated hardware that serves as a tablet, NFC device & Face verification 

With this implementation, Users can simply tap their Room Key and automatically bring up their profile, making checking out a breeze

JusTapz CheckOut.png
JusTapz Integrated Tablet.png

complete last mile processes

Operating your own mobile-app for self-checkin? 


Our custom hardware with built-in functionality occupies a tiny footprint and serves as a last mile process to enable Users to generate their own keys without fuss 

sectional access, on mobile 

Users can gain access to various locations and tap their NFC keys against our solution in manned environments such as breakfast or lounge entry, from either staff mobile phones or our JusTapz tablet 

With PMS integration, the solution is then able to ascertain eligibility or entitlements based on qualifying criteria such as Membership, VIP, RoomType, Market Segment, Company and other PMS-derived information

JusTapz Outlet Access.png
PalVision Breakbyte on Mobile.jpg
JustTapz l Breakfast Access.gif
PalVision JusTapz Generate Key.JPG

key cutting on the Go 

Individually or for Groups, our solution enables you to generate keys in a quicker time on mobile, without laptops and other hardware 


Moreover, with PMS integration, our solution automatically fetches Profile data and depending on the door lock brand, automatically writes relevant data, streamlining tasks even further 


Once done, Operators can tap Verify to confirm successful key generation for confirmation

Hotel Door Lock

It’s Easy to Get Started

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