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Breakfast Accounting
for Hospitality

All-in-One Breakfast Accounting solution for hospitality, from Attendance Management and Table Reservation to automated Outlet Assignment, Reservation and Report generation, now with Cloud PMS Support (no more reliance on Night Audit Data!)

Breakbyte Home Screen.JPG
Palvision Hotel Breakfast Management System on Mobile

attendance management

Capable of operating on any device including staff mobile phones, our solution helps you manage crowd density at Outlets, eliminate manual entries, upsell in real-time and plan resources in advance.

  • Multi-Format, Multi-Device

  • Integrate with PMS and Door Lock systems

  • Integrate with POS  and table management systems 

attendance with or without keycard verification

Guests authenticate via their room numbers and even via Guests’ Room Keys which then brings up their profile. 

The system also supports partial attendance, whereby Guests from the same room or booking dine-in separately and Digital Signatures if required!

Palvision Breakbyte Tap and Go Keycard Reader
Outlet Keycard Verification.gif
Breakbyte Profile Info Fetch.gif

fetch booking information, including entitlements, in real-time 

No Guest data transfer during Night Audit. No more paper or PDF reports just before breakfast time. Such information will be OUTDATED during breakfast operations. Fetch and display relevant details you need to make informed decisions in real-time

Besides standard Stay information, display other useful information including Post / No Post, VIP status, rate plans, market segments, resv comments and other information.


Use Enable / Disable switches to determine what is useful to help you determine various Upsell Rates to apply.  

the world's fastest real-time data fetch from non-Unique room numbers

Using any system that transfers and saves Guest data after Night Audit is simply reading off info pre-stored in a vendor's database. Of course it appears fast.  

However, it is not real-time. A Guest may have checked out before redeeming breakfast which will lead to errors if attempting to post an Upsell or a new Guest may have Check-In Date entitlement. 

Our service presents real-time information as it happens, yet takes the shortest time to fetch

Breakbyte l Real-Time Reservation Status.jpg
Breakbyte l Real-Time Data.gif
Keycard Tap Service

guide staff in real-time

Remove the guesswork and any prior research.


If our Tap-n-Go service is used, our fallback mechanism as well as tooltips assist to guide staff on Room Key usage and troubleshooting.


Deploy tooltips for other fields as well.  


This way, any new Outlet Attendant can be stationed and understand the operational procedures without referring to separate documentation, guides and knowledge bases

view prior attendance history, even in multi-outlet scenarios 

Operating multiple Outlets? No problem! Run our program at different Outlets. Simply select alternative Outlets from the dropdown list. 

Dealing with an irate customer? We have made access to the CMS Console and this Dashboard easy (see below), but even so now you are empowered to fetch Reporting info directly from the Dashboard to prove prior attendance. Just tap or enter his Room Number, which pulls up Prior Attendance Logs. 

PalVision Breakfast System Attendance History.gif
Breakfast Upsell

automated and paperless upsells

Our solution enables staff to upsell breakfast packages to walk-ins and post charges to the PMS without manual entries!


Different Upsell rates can apply based on Guest profile and other factors and optional digital signatures can be captured for acknowledgement

  • Upsell Breakfast Packages to walk-in guests

  • Post Upsells to the PMS automatically

  • Manage Upsell Rates

  • Create Upsells with No Post as Comp Benefits

  • No manual entries 

  • Optional Confirmation eSignatures

  • Generate Upsell reports in real-time 

convenient access, with 2FA compliance

Generally, solutions comes in twos namely, the CMS Portal for configuration and the Front-End application, both of which require separate access and authentication, and more passwords to commit to memory.


If you are looking to run our Cloud-based solution on laptops or PCs, we have combined both CMS Access and Application access in one very convenient offering.  


After 2FA compliance, administrators simply add and later access the Pack from the Integrations section, select Configure to make adjustments and then tap Dashboard to access the Front-end application. It's that simple!

Breakbyte System Access
BreakByte Attendance Report.gif

DIY Reporting

Forget Templated or Pre-Populated Reports! Instead,  generate your own Excel, CSV or PDF reports

With our simple DIY tool, Team Members can generate their own reports based on department requirements. Use Column and Record as well as AND/OR Filters to generate correct reports when needed.

Besides Attendance and Upsell reports, one can generate reports to gain insight on numerous other things such as 

* VIP/Member Level preferred Attendance Time

* Upsell Take-Up Rate based on Company Agent Source etc 

generate or deliver reports automatically 

For convenience or in third party outsourced environments, enable a button to Generate Reports directly from the App instead of accessing the CMS


Fully configurable, Operators or CMS Admin can choose to download reports directly to device or send to email recipients. Reports can be Excel, CSV or PDF files. Select table columns and enable sorting to select your preferred display sequence and enable Total Attendance counts 

Configure Automated Report Generation.gif
PalVision Breakbyte Report Generation.gif
PalVision Breakfast Assignment Standalone
Palvision Breakfast Outlet Assignment function

paperless outlet assignment add-on

Looking to implement a paperless Assignment service? Sites with multiple Breakfast Outlets can benefit from our Assignment add-on feature on Mobile Concierge, Smart TVs or even stand-alone


On Mobile Concierge and Smart TVs, Guests simply navigate to the Breakfast Outlet section and will be presented with their assigned Outlet and eliminate guesswork


For the stand-alone application, Guests simply scan a QR code on Check-In and the system automatically assigns the Guest to the appropriate outlet, with simple instructions to either capture screenshot or save the result to his or her mobile device. It’s that simple!

  • Paperless & Voucherless Outlet Assignment to reduce paper waste and support your Green initiatives

  • Leverages Guest devices and TVs that you already own

  • Intelligent Assignment based on multiple options, including Rooms and Booking Codes

  • Eliminates manual labour on Outlet allocation on Check-in and subsequent handling of lost paper vouchers

  • QR Code scan with simple form-fill for stand-alone module

breakfast table booking add-on

Looking to ease long queues at the Breakfast Outlet? Complement our main platform with our Breakfast Table Booking add-on on Mobile Concierge, Smart TVs or even stand-alone

  • Intelligent filtering of Bookings with Breakfast allocation

  • Pre-fill breakfast entitlement count 

  • Automated Outlet Assignment (for multiple-Outlet Properties, see below)

Palvision Hotel Smart TV Breakfast Outlet Table Reservation
Palvision Hotel Breakfast Outlet Table Reservation

It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to automate breakfast accounting? Contact us to get started

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