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Hospitality Smart TV, Reinvented

Bring back the WOW to In-Room TVs. Captivate and enlighten your guests through our high-quality, customizable Hospitality Smart TV service with seamless integration with Cloud PMS deployments

PalVision offers multiple entertainment on Hotel Smart TVs including TV Channels

multi-source TV Entertainment

Offer your Guests a variety of TV entertainment choices to enrich their stay

  • TV Channels: Ingest TV channels from various Cable TV providers

  • OTT Apps: Direct Access to your Guests’ favourite Apps

  • Radio: 1000 of Channels from around the world


Leverage the In-Room TV for highly visual Digital engagement on the big screen across multiple TV brands and operate a multi-TV property effortlessly


Multiple platform support

  • Sony & Philips Pro & Consumer TVs 

  • Samsung & LG Pro TVs

  • Other Android TVs including Hisense, Toshiba, TCL

Palvision's Smart TV service works on multiple Hotel brands
Hotel Smart TV Updates.gif

smart hospitality tvs, updated

Upgrade pre-existing Samsung and/or LG Hospitality TVs with new and improved functions to derive more benefit: 

  • No more Guest data swap during Night Audit

  • Use real-time processing to minimize Guest data exposure

  • No more OnPremise servers - run via the Cloud 

  • Process an actual CheckOut, not just request for a CheckOut (process CheckOuts even when balance is not $0)

  • Compute Breakfast Entitlements in real-time and offer a Table Reservation (Reduce Crowd Density) or Offer an Upsell

  • Enhanced Concierge with AI Trip Planner and more!

personalise greeting messages, codelessly

Most systems hardcode the way Guest Data appears. Now Administrators have the ability to adjust and apply to all systems without hassle!

Our service ensures Guest Data appears the precise way you want it to appear. Add Salutation as well as complete or partial Guest names and other data at various points with ease. 

From the CMS Dashboard, Administrators simply tap a dropdown button to add various Guest Smart Values and incorporate such values as part of the text in any way deemed fit 

PalVision l Guest Data permutations.gif
PalVision l Codeless Guest data insertion.gif
PalVision Dynamic Drawers and Footers.gif

reduce the learning curve, without clutter

Utilise Dynamic Drawers and Active Footers to provide Guests with more information while minimising any clutter

Drawers provide Slide In / Slide Out function and can be utilised to provide snippets of information without any clutter

  • Language selection

  • WIFI / Chromecast Access

  • Remote Control Help

  • Smart Room Controls


Go beyond just Image, title and description on facility and other screens - include Sliders with Information more useful to guests: Operating Hours, Location, Contact, Policies and more!

enhanced digital concierge, on smart TVs

Go beyond standard TV offerings with enhanced services for highly visual Guest engagement on the
big screen


Do more than equivalent TV systems including

  • Smart Upsells

  • Intelligent Filters (based on Guest Profile, VIP, Member, Nationality, Language, Guest Count, Breakfast Package, Gender etc)

  • True Digital Check Out 

  • Breakfast Table Reservation with automated Package fetch 

  • Smart Ordering & Requests

Palvision Breakfast Table Reservation with Automated Breakfast Package Count fetch
Palvision Feedback Snippets on Smart TVs
PalVision Smart TVCheckOut.gif

implement a "true" TV checkout that works

TV Systems do not typically effect a true Checkout. They make a call to your PMS to simply REQUEST for a Checkout, a request that’s usually denied if there are outstandings 

Instead, implement a True CheckOut system with settlement. Fetch outstandings, process payments, update the Guest balance after successful payment and automatically generate an eBill for delivery! Depending on our PMS interface, we may just deliver it direct (via your email service provider of course!)

seamless PMS Cloud support

A TV System that can finally implement rules-based system based on more than just Main Guest's First Name, Last Name, Room Number & Room Type. 

Implement rules, conditions, filters and exceptions based on: VIP, Mmember level, No Post Status, roomType, paymentType, marketSegment, companyAgentSource, package, ratePlan, companionProfile, companionCount, address,  nationality, language Codes and more!


Moreover, Administrators can immediately test the functioning of the PMS during set-up to ensure PMS Data is correctly attributed to this device based on Room Number in real-time. 

Our Smart TV platform supports Real-Time Web Services implementation that avoids data synching during Night Audits. This avoids population of outdated information, refreshed only during the next sync. 

PalVision Reservation Details on the TV
Palvision Configurable Smart TV Digital Signage
Palvision Floor Standing Digital Signage
Palvision Touch Screen Wayfinder

digital signage for public spaces

Turn public area TVs into fully fledged Digital Signage to 

  • display Current Meetings 

  • display Promotions

  • provide Directions

  • display Conference / Meetings Lists

Simple plug & play, now you can use customise each signage independently by enabling your preferred Signage Components. Toggle between portrait and landscape modes at the flick of a switch!

Use any hardware:

  • Existing TVs paired with Chromecasts

  • Any brand of Smart TV

  • iPads or Android Tablets

  • our own Floor-standing (touch or non-touch) signage hardware in a variety of shapes and sizes!

guests can access TripzAI, our generative AI-based trip planner

The world's most intelligent Trip Planner that uses the traveller profile and budget to intelligently recommend an Itinerary that combines external Places of Interest with Localised and In-House recommendations!

TripzAI on TV.gif
Palvision Built-In Chromecast Management

guest stream their own content

Enable your Guests to Cast and AirPlay their Content to the big screen during their stay via Cast built-In or External devices

Guests simply scan the QR code and are automatically connected and paired to their in-Room TV


It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to transform the In-Room TV Experience? Contact us to get started

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