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ChatGPT for Hospitality

Transform the Guest experience and improve staff productivity with a personalised ChatGPT-powered  multi-lingual Virtual Assistant trained from your own own property information and datasets

Palvision Hotel Chatbot service
Palvision Hotel ChatGPT-powered Virtual Concierge

elevate the Guest experience while improving Staff efficiency

Increase Guest engagement with instant access to information and services at anytime, 24 hours per day.


Boost staff productivity by automating processes and eliminating repetitive tasks, thereby freeing up their time for the personal touch by connecting with your Guests

turbocharge roll-out, with ChatGPT

Unleash the power of ChatGPT into the workflow!

Automate conversations over the entire Guest journey from the world’s most powerful AI Language Model that automatically generates its own training phrases from your FAQs and responds in the preferred way based on your Brand standards!

  • FAQ Knowledge Base Upload

  • Auto-Generate Chatbot from just your FAQ Answers in a Day

  • No need for you to manually create multiple Training data per Skill

Do note ChatGPT behind GuestBot is confined to your property info only and will not respond with generic data or hallucinations!

Palvision AI Hotel FAQ Generator
Palvision ChatGPT Chatbot for Hotels
Palvision Hotel Chatbot Rich Media Supported

add rich media to visualise the Guest experience

GuestBot supports a whole host of rich media types to guide reduce the learning curve and provide something more visually appealing than simple text-on-text formats:


  • Gallery Cards

  • Carousels & Images

  • Suggestion Chips

  • Quick Reply Drawers

  • In-Bubble URL links

speak your Guests' language, at any time

Guests don’t speak the same language, and neither does GuestBot.


GuestBot speaks in about 200 languages, automatically with no settings or configurations required on your part

Palvision Hotel Multi-lingual Chatbot
Palvision Hotel Chatbot Contact Centre Integration

human handover, for the personal touch 

Say no more to long queues at your Breakfast Outlet! Our Outlet table reservation system offers Guests the opportunity to select a time slot and will automatically 


Offered stand-alone or bundled with our various other platforms including Mobile Digital Concierge, Smart TV and even Chatbot!

extend the reach to your Guests' favourite social media channels 

Reach out to your Guests Pre and Post stay as well as on their favourite channels!

  • Standalone Webchat

  • Native Apps

  • Website Widget

  • Social Media channels such as Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Line, Skype, Telegram etc

Palvision Chatbot Social Media Integration
Palvision 24/7 Hotel Chatbot Virtual Concierge
chatbot home.jpg

It’s Easy to Get Started

Looking to introduce Multi-Lingual ChatGPT as a Virtual Concierge? Contact us to get started

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