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Hotel Reception

mConcierge for Staff

Empower Staff with a complimentary app to manage systems, assist Guests and interact with our CMS while on the go 

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tiered access, with passwordless entry

Forget about memorising yet another password.


Instead, use your existing identifiers such as email address or Staff ID as Usernames and subsequently gain access via biometric identification (face verification and liveness)

AI translation built-in

Access and perform functions in your preferred language(s) of choice with our OnDevice AI Translation service 

A choice of 50 languages available, covering the most frequently spoken languages. 

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built-in security features

ScanDot is bundled with built-in MDM software that includes Screen Capture block, Geolocation & Mobile Data restrictions while the app is in use

Staff access can be restricted with Face verification included as well 


An ever growing list of features & functions, referenced in other sections of our website

scan passports & IDs 

Roaming Guest Service Ambassadors can scan passports & IDs offline in 1 second and push extracted details to your PMS in real-time to support Guests during the Check-In process

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breakfast management

FnB staff can manage Breakfast Management solution directly on from the app 


Manage attendance, upsells, view history with computed balances and more

AI writing assistant

Tap into our OpenAI Service with Pre-Defined and Custom Prompts to ramp up your productivity 


Perform a myriad of tasks using AI, with an ever-growing list of Prompts made available

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PalVision Key Verification on Mobile.JPG

room key verification

Front Desk staff can verify keys after the key cutting process for selected brands of Door Locks

Staff are even able to generate Keys via our Virtual Solution without other hardware 

* available on compatible devices, contact for details 

handle orders, bookings, requests on the move

Take orders, bookings, requests and perform other functions on behalf of a Guest from public areas

Access reports, view cancellation requests, mark attendance and more!

mConcierge for Staff Orders.jpg
PalVision l Smart TV Custom Message Recipient.png
PalVision l Real-Time Custom Message delivery.png

deliver custom messages to on the go 

Deliver custom messages to Guest-facing devices including Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Smart TVs without CMS portal login


Input Room Number and manually type out a text? No, the solution is a little more sophisticated than that

Use Custom filters, operator lists, generate text from AI or use our OnDevice Voice transcription service,  adjust fonts, styles and more! 

Hotel Reception

It’s Easy to Get Started

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