PalVision’s PaliMenu is a digital food and beverage menu solution that enables restaurants to operate more efficiently and bring new interactive experiences to staff and customers alike, with mouth-watering images, detailed descriptions and virtually no waiting time!


Increase in revenue

Increase your average bill value by up-selling items, promote house specials with up-to-date information

Dining Experience

Offer your customers a digital menu with vivid images and thorough food and beverage descriptions to enrich the overall dining experience

Promote Specials

Advertise house specials and third-party tie-ups with vivid pictures, allowing your customers to know the latest offerings from your restaurant


Saves time and costs of reprinting paper menus and ensures that only up-to-date menu items and pricing is displayed

Interactive Menu

Restaurants can fully customize the menu, categorizing various menu groups and items so that customers do not have to scroll through an endless list of items.

Faster Service

Automated processes to allow your staff to attend and service your guests more efficiently.


Pal iMenu supports both iOS and Android tablets, giving you the freedom to select the preferred.

Theme Customization

Pal iMenu is highly customisable with a variety of options that give freedom to restaurants to select different templates, menu items, images and overall layout that complements the personality and decor of the restaurant.

Offline Mode

Pal iMenu can be used offline without needing to be connected with the internet all the time, obviating the need for restaurants to implement new networks and preventing downtime due to internet-related issues.


In addition to presenting a digital menu, Pal iMenu is also able to display all promotions (in-house and third party tie-ups), restaurant information, custom feedback section. Our Virtual Tour engine will also generate 360 degree animative tours!


Pal iMenu can accommodate customised feedback forms which can be changed and fine-tuned at any time.

Highly Scalable

Pal iMenu is scalable to meet every requirement:

  • View Only – customers freely scroll through the iMenu
  • Ordering – customers browse and order directly from the iMenu functionality
  • Waiter – waiters place orders on behalf of customers with POS integration
Special Requests
Guests or waiters can specify any special requests for the items which they may have. In addition, order remarks can be used to specify a common request for the entire order.
POS Integration
Pal iMenu can be integrated with selected Point of Sale systems, allowing direct ordering to kitchen and bill printing