The ultimate travel companion, GuestFone is designed to revolutionize the experience of your clientele with real-time information, entertainment & services at their fingertips at all times – thereby enhancing your services, increasing your brand value and engaging with your clientele like never before!


GuestFone delivers internet access beyond the confines of your hotel premises.
WIFI Hotspot
GuestFone is a wireless hotspot, and delivers WIFI to multiple devices.
GuestFone is the ultimate city-guide, providing up-to-date information of all the attractions, sight-seeing, excursions and more.
Increase in revenue
Increase your average bill value by up-selling items, promote house specials with up-to-date information
In-Room Controls
GuestFone makes it easy for your guests to control in-room devices such as lighting, heating and even curtain.
WIFI TV Channels
GuestFone delivers your present TV channel offerings to your guests’ for a real-time viewing experience wherever they are within your hotel premises.
Soft Remote Control
Can be used in conjunction with the PalTV platform or other IPTV systems as a WIFI remote control.

Smart Marketing & e-Commerce

GuestFone redefines smartphones as an effective means to communicate directly with your guests.

Item Ordering
GuestFone delivers incremental revenue opportunities from the sale of your services such as in-room dining, souvenirs, spa, and activities’ bookings to guests.
GuestFone displays promotional banners at specific times to communicate your key messages in the most visual way.
Personalised Services
GuestFone fosters brand loyalty through personalised services such as personalised greetings and language based on guest profile.
Fully Customizable
GuestFone is fully customisable to suit your property’s “look-and-feel” to convey your unique brand identity.
GuestFone can be integrated with PMS, POS and other in-house systems to increase revenues and optimise services.

Smart Hotel

GuestFone provides several key hotel management applications, all controllable by CMS, designed to ensure maximise efficiency, save cost and improve staff productivity.

Service Requests
GuestFone allows your guests to interact with the complete range of facilities and services on offer at your hotel.
GuestFone is paperless, thereby saving time and costs associated with printing in-room collaterals.
Bill Review
GuestFone provides a convenient platform for guests to access all their in-house purchases.
Guest Messaging
GuestFone allows you to reach out to your guests with order confirmations, emergency messages and more.
Offer real-time digitised surveys to support and enhance your service recovery initiatives.